How to Choose the Right ERP Consultant for Your Organization

How to Choose the Right ERP Consultant for Your Organization

03:10 08 November in Blog

Choosing the right ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution for your organization is the second important step. Selecting the right ERP consultant is the first important step. The right ERP consultant helps implement the best ERP Solution. Most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions take anywhere from mere months to years to completely mix and merge into active businesses; they also have to be properly budgeted and planned.

The right ERP consultant helps you alleviate the annoyances and tension that may arise in the implementation a new ERP Solution. Most businesses hire third-party ERP consultants to help in planning and implementing a successful ERP software as it can be intimidating based on the size of the corporation.

Most notably, the right consultant or firm should help you in selecting the right ERP Software or ERP Solution. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a tough process and has to be meticulously done. It has to have proper planning and implementation. Nowadays, Cloud ERP Software is also looked at as it reduces the cost and is remotely available.

An ERP Development Company will look at various vendors and check all their plus and negative points. Most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software will have the following components in them: a) Accounting Software, b) Finance Management Software, and c) Production Management Software.

Other than the above, the following things are to consider when choosing an ERP Consultant:

1. Background: You should know who the ERP business is from whom you are buying your ERP Software. You should review the list of employees you are going to be associated with. Do a basic check of their background on LinkedIn. Do they seem to be who they are? Any involvement in legal cases? Is only ERP software sold or do they provide services?

2. Business Experience: Check the experience of the ERP software firm. Do they help in ERP selection and/or implementation? Check and seen their past 25-30 projects. Check and talk to their references. Make sure to ascertain their delivery time from implementation to completion. Keep an on the results after implementation and service provided.

3. Consultant Experience: Check and ascertain the experience of the consultant. Are they new or are they with the firm for a long time? Look at their LinkedIn profile and see their past work and businesses they have worked with. How many successful projects have they completed? Do they work in the ERP selection or ERP implementation or ERP service? These all are different skills, but very much intertwined.

4. References: What type of business work with them? What is the size of the business have they worked with? References are important, but make certain they are real. Check and ascertain the references are also real. Have there been any derogatory comments made about competing consulting firms. Approach these firms about these derogatory comments. Sometimes you will get to know something different.

5. Chronology and Range: Get to know who will be working on the ERP project? Will they give the specific name? Look at the time schedule? Do they provide a project plan chronicling the process and methods to be used? Look if the plan matches their proposal? If they are not able to provide adequate details, then they may not do it as a business.

6. Working Methods: Look at the purpose of their work methods. Do these ethically complement their philosophy? Do they make use of business process improvement (BPI)? What other training do they provide in regard to ERP Software and/or ERP Solutions?

7. Decision Metric: Do they make use of a list during the ERP Software selection? How and why? Who uses this list? What do look for in the answers? Are the answers correct? How do they grade ERP vendors? Do they look at Cloud ERP Software? How long does it take you to use the ERP Solution? Check how they selected vendors? How did they select the final ERP vendor?