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Zeta CRM is an integrated sales tracking software Dubai, UAE, which delivers a unified dashboard interface for managing every sales activity. The CRM tracking system records every stage and instance in your sales channel, acquiring better insights of your complex sales process.

Salesman Tracking Mobile App

Zeta CRM has introduced the Salesman Tracking Mobile App which helps you track and enhance your sales team.

Productivity and accountability are key assets when building a workforce.

Sales force tracking has been a critical requirement of organizations across the globe. Be it a large or a small company, efficient tracking of sales force and service personnel is the need of the day.

Introducing Zeta’s salesman tracking application which helps you track and enhance your sales team.

  • Any time access of Sales People without interacting with them.
  • Timely update is available in office.
  • Daily cash inflow expectation can be available at the beginning of the day.
  • Sales Person attendance and payroll can be managed through this.
  • Sales Person expense of the day can be managed and comparable.
  • Instant Graphical representation of live reports.
  • Daily activity of a sales person is now available on a click.
  • Immediate feedback can be provided at the end of the day.
  • Individual self-explanatory reports are provided to sales staff. 10. Location address will be managed by the application as per the Internet.
  • Lessen the work load of sales manager.
  • Lessen the data integrity issues that arise from a manual system.
  • Administrator has control on accessing android app.
  • Reports in PDF, word and excel format.
  • Online sales order handling till delivery confirmation through android application.
  • Daily dealer’s sales entry for MIS.
  • Google map pointer of every sales representative.
  • KPI for sales people can be customized on request.
  • Advance Tour plan and actual reconciliation.
  • Instant weekly Sales meeting records.

Benefits of having the solution for sales staff

  • Daily sales report will be simple and live in your mobile phone.
  • Very little time needed to fill in and submitting daily sales reports.
  • Attendance can be given online.
  • System will stand as a mediator between you and your manager of any office updates.
  • Expenses can be claimed live.
  • Daily performance can be managed without any extra effort.
  • Your submitted data, outstanding balance, sales target, MTD, YTD is available immediately.
  • A self-evaluation tool before your monthly meeting.