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Top CRM Software in Egypt - CRM Software Provider in Egypt - CRM Company in Egypt

Zeta CRM is a web based Customer Relationship Management software in Egypt with the important features required in various business verticals be it manufacturing and service industry for Egypt.

Support Management

Zeta CRM software provides the best support management module which can improve customer satisfaction and productivity by automating customer support processes. It can assign ticket to the appropriate resource, record the status, urgency and nature of the issue and track time to resolution. View ticket assignment, priority weighting and notification request are available. It can also be linked to online supporting system.

Best CRM Software in Egypt - Customer Relationship Management Software in Egypt

Administrator Settings

  • Create Customer.
  • Create Consultants.
  • Create Product.
  • Create Department.
  • Create Section.
  • Create Ticket Type.
  • Create Ticket Topic.
  • Create Consultation Type.


  • Create New Ticket.
  • Cancel Ticket.
  • Assign Ticket.
  • Re assign Ticket.
  • Complete Ticket.
  • Close Ticket.


  • Ticket Status Enquiries.


  • Client Wise Ticket Report.
  • Consultant Wise Ticket Report.
  • Department Wise Ticket Report.
  • Section Wise Ticket Report.
  • Ticket Type Wise Ticket Report.
  • Topic Wise Ticket Report.
  • Consultation Type Wise Ticket Report.
  • Ticket Status Wise Ticket Report.
  • Monthly Ticket Report.

Customer functions

  • Update Profile.
  • Create New Ticket.
  • Send Reminder.
  • Enter the Feedback.
  • Ticket Status Enquiry.

Consultants Functions

  • Complete the Ticket.
  • Ticket Status Enquiry.
  • Individual Ticket Report.
  • Assigned Ticket Report.
  • Completed Ticket Report.