Partnership Models

Zeta Reseller Partner

Zeta’s Reseller Partner Program is designed for organizations that want to sell or is already selling and implementing ERP, HRMS and others solutions. VAR (Value Added Resellers) can increase their revenue opportunities by signing up as Zeta Partner. We have the best of breed solutions that offer good healthy margins, top quality support, and best of all, a brand name you can trust.

Here are a few reasons to sign up right NOW!

  • New revenue opportunities for your organization by capitalizing on the success and popularity of Zeta brand.
  • No minimum sales volume.
  • Buy as you go. No need to keep stock.
  • Pre Sales support.
  • Implementation support
  • Priority access to technical support.
  • An aggressive reward system for sales success.
  • Joint Sales and Marketing Incentives.
  • Greater market exposure and expanded business opportunities.
  • Collaborative planning and execution.
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Zeta Consultant Partner

Our Consultant Partners are Chartered Accountants, Consultants & Accountants. To be our Partner the individual or the company will have to get accredited in our product. To get accreditation you need to attend our free training course (If you have previously attended any end-user training or have been supporting Zeta products and services, then you don’t need to attend the training).

Signing up as Zeta Consultant Partner enables you to the following advantages:

  • Full working copies of Zeta software.
  • Free training on latest versions.
  • Free support from Zeta support team.
  • Discounts on the products.
  • Additional income by supporting Zeta products (full time or part time.)
  • Zeta listens to your requirements and provides everything you need to build a strong relationship with your client.
  • As a Zeta Consultant Partner, you will be accredited as a Zeta expert and receive the support of a dedicated account team to help you market Zeta products and services and provide installation, configuration and training.
  • Zeta Consultant partner will be allowed to use our logo to promote themselves.
  • Our Consultant Partners offer added value advice to their clients using Zeta Softwares and are a trusted advisor for business and financial matters.
  • Zeta team will get in touch with you to explore and understand how to address this huge opportunity that lies ahead, jointly.
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Zeta Affiliate Partners or Zeta Referral Partners

Zeta Affiliate Partners are organizations or individuals that recommend or act as referral associate. The Zeta Affiliate Partner Program is designed to enable Affiliate Partners the opportunity to earn commissions by acting as referral associate. Affiliate Partners register opportunities with Zeta which in turn make them eligible to earn commissions for resulting license sales.

The Zeta Affiliate Partner Program offers the following benefits:

  • Earn commissions
  • Dealing in Award winning products.
  • Partnering with Recognized industry leader.
  • Co-marketing opportunities.
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Zeta Technology Partners

The Zeta Technology Partner Program is designed to support and promote both leading and emerging technology companies who offer Software and technologies that complement Zeta Softwares solutions. By participating in the Technology Partner Program, technology partners can combine their strengths with Zeta products delivering customers a more comprehensive solution.

Zeta’s Technology Partner Program offers the following benefits to our joint customers:

  • Technical collaboration
  • Access to product information
  • Access to Zeta Support
  • Product bundles to support business needs
  • Confidence in the compatibility of the combined solution
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